Gerente de Contrataciones - #1234233

Kemco C.A

Fecha: 23/10/2021
Ciudad: Caracas, Distrito Federal
Tipo de contrato: Tiempo completo
Kemco C.A

Importante: imprescindible inglés avanzado.

Para este puesto se requiere un nivel avanzado de comprensión escrita y de expresión escrita y oral en inglés. Tendrá reuniones enteramente en inglés con nuestro equipo directivo, varias veces a la semana. Por este motivo, el resto de este aviso está en inglés.

This is a remote/online work from home long-term, full-time position; we're looking for someone who hopes to stay with us for many years! In this position, you will help manage our hiring and onboarding process. It is full-time, 40 hours per week. Most of our management team has been with us for 5+ years; we try to offer a stable, enjoyable work environment that's flexible, but challenging.

Position Details
We're a foreign language tutoring company, and we hire teachers from all over the world. We are growing, and constantly hiring new teachers. In this position you will help manage the creation of job advertisements to attract teaching candidates, then review applicants, interview them, and meet with our teacher management team to help us choose the best applicants. You will have numerous meetings each week with our management team where you give us an update on the teaching candidates. You'll also have meetings each week with all candidates who are in our onboarding process. Finally, you'll spend a lot of time interviewing new teaching candidates and assessing the best to potentially join our team as teachers.

• 40 hours of availability each week. The hours you work are somewhat flexible; you will have some set meetings that are at the same times each week, and some flexibility on when you work
• Some of these hours will be set in stone for meetings. Others can be more flexible/change based on your schedule
• You must speak, read, and write English at an advanced level
• A computer, quiet place to work in your home, a computer, headset, and webcamera. You will be having video chat meetings frequently with our team and you will be doing video chat interviews with applicants

About Us
We are a small company, and our mission from day one has been simple: to provide a great language learning experience for our students, and great jobs for our teachers around the world. Maximizing profit is not our focus. Our “corporate office” is an affordable coworking space that we share with a number of other companies. We have kept our management team small and our overhead low so that we can keep our prices as affordable as possible, thus we can help educate as many people as possible. Educating our students, helping them learn a language while hopefully gaining some insight into a new culture, and creating a great place for all of us to work is our focus. We don’t have outside investors so we get to make decisions together as a company that we think will help us in our mission. If this sounds like a good fit for your goals and interests, we hope you’ll consider joining us!

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